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Reviewed by Harvey P. on Feb 9, 2018

Usually, I do clean my windows alone, but this time we have decided to give "the pros" a go. To be honest, I am surprised, the effect actually is better than when I clean them on my own, and I do put in a lot of work... I will have to think about giving you guys a call on seasonal basis now.

Reviewed by P. AINSWORTH on Dec 8, 2017

I wanted the Christmas lights to have that extra "bling", so thank you guys for making it possible. The windows are truly giving the lights a kind of glow that looks lovely from outside the house. Will book again in spring!

Reviewed by P. Jefferson on Nov 2, 2017

Best window cleaning team! I highly recommend their services! Fast and coordinated, the windows were sparkling in no time! Thanks!

Reviewed by A. Peterson on Nov 21, 2016

Hi there, the window cleaning process at my home is just now finished. I have to say, regardless of the weather conditions the technician did a splendid job! There has been just a little bit of miss understanding with my address, but that is common here...

Reviewed by Reginald R. on Aug 7, 2016

I am still using your services, for three straight years now. I just wanted to, once again, give a huge thumbs up. I highly recommend London Window Solutions.

Reviewed by A. Vandelay on Jun 15, 2016

I run a latex glove company and you wouldn't believe the amount of talc powder that finds it's way on the inside of our large windows. Once a year we call London Window Solutions and they always provide unmatched results.

Reviewed by Silvia K on Mar 6, 2016

I have a small florist shop and having clean windows is essential to my business. I tried London Window Solutions and I was more than satisfied. They came in a suitable for me time, worked fast and did a really good job. I would recommend them to everyone who needs professional quality cleaned windows.

Reviewed by Madeline F. on Sep 19, 2015

We are very careful when we hire someone for a cleaning service. In the past we've had a really bad experience with overpricing companies that don't give quality service they were hired for. So when hiring London Window Solutions we where a bit sceptical, but in the end it was vain worries. They didn't charge us for anything extra and they really left the place shinning. We would most definitely work with them in the future.

Reviewed by J. Peterman on Sep 17, 2015

I'd never much enjoyed having to take on the task of hiring commercial window cleaners. I've always found that hiring contractors can be an arduous experience, but surprisingly working with London Window Solutions wasn't. There were no surprising extra costs and the company was a delight to work with.

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