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window cleaning a commercial propertyA clean building indicates a professional, reliable company. Attract and impress customers today by taking advantage of our specialist commercial window cleaning services in London! Take note that every single member of the highly motivated team that's dispatched to you has been certified by the British Window Cleaning Academy. Contact us at any time of the day or night by phone, or online through this website’s chat facility.

A Commercial Window Cleaning Company That Gives You:

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  • 10 years of experience: we're company that’s been approved and accredited by many agencies. We take care of numerous company properties, schools, and office buildings
  • Large coverage: benefit from our commercial window cleaning services in London, the South East of England, and beyond!
  • Flexible payment methods: pay by cash, by card, and more
  • FREE viewings: inspections and quotes will cost you nothing
  • Regular window cleans: slash our prices by using us on a consistent basis - book a no-obligation viewing to learn more!

How Our Professionals Do Their Job

Professionally clearned commercial buildingFor windows located on the fourth floor of your building and below we’ll use an innovative water-fed pole system. This technique has been proven during hundreds of commercial window cleaning services as both safe and highly effective. Once on-site the elite team will proceed to set up the equipment which includes a 22m carbon-fibre, telescopic pole and purified water supply. This water has been demineralised and as a result will take in all the dirt that’s currently on your windows. It will be pumped from a tank in our van, through the pole and then out the brush-head. An expert window cleaner will then carefully use the brush to wash your glass until every inch is sparkling. After this process has been completed your windows will be left to dry – purified water makes manual drying unnecessary.

A rope access method is required for windows above the fourth storey of your building. You’ll be sent a highly trained and experienced team of climbers who’ll descend from your roof to the designated windows. Once in position we’ll hang suspended by harness and begin to clean using purified water. Such is the quality of our gear that your service will be essentially risk-free. We strictly follow the safety guidelines and regulations policies of HSE to ensure the security of both the staff and the customers.

Pricing Your Commercial Window Services

Every building is different and in order for us to properly prepare for your specific commercial window services you’ll need to give us more information. Just tell us the type and number of windows you want washed, how high up they are, and what the parking situation is like. In return you’ll get a free, accurate cost estimate that’s completely without obligation. This quotation will include the provision of all necessary professional products and equipment.

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